Happy 4th of July weekend!

I hope everyone has fun plans and perfect weather! We like to watch the National fireworks display from the comfort of our neighborhood, Petworth, away from the big crowds.

If you’re local, you may want to consider the 4th of July celebration at the Armed Forces Retirement Home. It is a fun event on the grounds of the retirement home. Residents are always at the events too, which is a great way to meet some local retired vets. They have food trucks, activities for kids, and a giant field for running around. See link below for the details.

Happy 4th!


Custom 4th of July birthday crown

Check out the activities section of my site for other great DC activities with kids. I’m adding to this list, so please comment with your favorites!


I just learned that octopuses and octopodes are correct plural forms of octopus. Octopi is not correct because it uses a latin plural ending for a greek word, though it is used enough that it is acceptable.

Now that I got to share my cool bit of vocab trivia, we can move right along to the reason I looked that up: crowns! Crowns with octopodes! There are several different octopus and shark crowns listed in my shop right now under the costumes and crowns category: http://www.auggiefroggy.com/shop/#costumes



Sneak peek at the new little messenger bags

Here’s a sneak peek at the new little messenger bags (7″ x 9″) coming to the Auggie Froggy shop. Each bag is fully lined, has an interior pocket, an adjustable strap, and Velcro closure. The strap is long enough for an adult and can be pulled short enough for a little kid. There’s even a tiny pocket for the extra strap length.

Update: These are available in the shop now, with new styles coming soon! http://www.auggiefroggy.com/shop/#messengerbags