Auggie Froggy delivery service


The Auggie Froggy delivery tricycle was out early today to make a special delivery in the neighborhood. If you live in DC you can check with me to see if you are within our delivery area. When you choose the item you’re interested in, just click on contact or send me an email ( and I’ll get back to you very quickly.

Auggie Froggy on Facebook and Instagram

Thanks for visiting my website! I’m also on Instagram- @auggiefroggykids and Facebook-

Here is an Instagram post of Auggie doing a bit of city kid camping. Poor little bug thinks we might go camping in nature sometime, but little does he know that his father has gone camping twice in his life, both times in other countries where someone else set everything up and cooked all meals…I can add a few local trips to that, but none without more experienced campers. For now we will be camping in our living room, but a boy can dream:

And here’s a look at what I have hanging above my giant 1940’s teacher’s desk, which serves as Auggie Froggy world headquarters:

Thanks for taking a look! I always value feedback and ideas for new or custom items!


I just learned that octopuses and octopodes are correct plural forms of octopus. Octopi is not correct because it uses a latin plural ending for a greek word, though it is used enough that it is acceptable.

Now that I got to share my cool bit of vocab trivia, we can move right along to the reason I looked that up: crowns! Crowns with octopodes! There are several different octopus and shark crowns listed in my shop right now under the costumes and crowns category:



Sneak peek at the new little messenger bags

Here’s a sneak peek at the new little messenger bags (7″ x 9″) coming to the Auggie Froggy shop. Each bag is fully lined, has an interior pocket, an adjustable strap, and Velcro closure. The strap is long enough for an adult and can be pulled short enough for a little kid. There’s even a tiny pocket for the extra strap length.

Update: These are available in the shop now, with new styles coming soon!






New Auggie Froggy items headed to Willow

I will be delivering some great new Auggie Froggy items to Willow in Petworth, DC this afternoon.

New sleeping bag animals include bats (which can hang on the child’s arm), and opossums (North America’s only marsupial!) plus foxes, lambs, puppies, and bunnies.


100% organic teething rings are made with solid maple rings finished with organic olive oil and beeswax. 100% certified organic cotton ears can be removed for washing.


Please stop by and check out these items and the other fun stuff at Willow!