I love to draw, to sew, to create.

After years of working in other fields (fine dining, non profit, law) I became a stay at home Mom to a very sweet and funny little boy named Auggie.

Along with my husband Dennis and our cat Neil we live in Washington D.C.

Auggie Froggy is about making fun stuff for creative kids. Aprons can be used for cooking, painting, or conducting experiments. Costumes can be for Halloween, dress up, or just lounging around and being a dragon. Messenger bags can carry lunch, or your acorn collection, or the art supplies for your next masterpiece.

Have a question or a special request?
Great, contact me and we can work together to create something to suit you and your creative child perfectly! You can reach me at froggyauggie@gmail.com or through the contact feature in etsy (click on the item you’re interested in in my shop and you’ll be taken to my etsy shop).