Custom crowns

A few more custom crowns…please get in touch and we can talk about what I can make for you!


The reverse side:

And this one for a big kid’s birthday:

Custom golf club head covers

I made these golf club head covers for a customer in Virginia who loves local birds and foxes. It was a departure from my usual kid stuff, but I had fun with the challenge and kept the style very true to my other Auggie Froggy pieces. I’m happy to talk to you about your custom ideas!



Creative kid at work!

I love getting photos of my products in action! Here is one of the Auggie Froggy elephant aprons being used as an art smock. The aprons are made of sturdy canvas and hold up to lots of creativity and washing! New patterns are coming to the shop this Fall.

Photo posted with permission. If you have an action shot of a creative kid with Augie Froggy gear, then please send me the picture and let me know if I can post it: