Instagram giveaway part 2

GIVEAWAY part 2! Here’s part 2 of my giveaway collaboration with @jrh_graphics. Jonathan created several photo collages with my crowns and his photos. For more details on Jonathan see several posts ago (image of crown and Jefferson memorial). Your prize is a 12″ x 12″ print of this image. Follow my instagram account and like the image to enter. Contest open to anyone with a US postal address. This giveaway is in no way endorsed by Instagram. This round closes tomorrow night at 8pm EST.
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Item preview!!! Capes are coming!

Kids love capes, but I don’t like tying things around a child’s neck. I made my cape with comfortable elastic arm loops. That way kids can play, run, and imagine battles with villains without worry. These won’t be listed in the shop yet, but I can get you one quickly if you’re interested in a listing.



Giveaway on Instagram!

Auggie Froggy Crown Images3

There’s a cool collaborative giveaway happening on my Instagram (@auggiefroggykids). I have collaborated with Jonathan Howard, who creates photo collages and can also help you with your social media. He has added some of my new crowns to his collages. Check out my Instagram for details on how you can win your own 12″ x 12″ print.

Jonathan is a self trained photographer and graphic designer who is not afraid of color and encourages others to picture the world however they would like. There is no way to prove that what I see is actually they way it appears or to disprove that. The sky may after all not be blue  and in many of his images it is not blue or a shockingly different shade of blue. He love architecture and buildings, the beautiful grime of the city and the energy that comes off a really beautiful photograph,
Jonathan Howard is completely and utterly insane, in December of 2016 he left his 18 year career with Barnes & Noble College Booksellers to have more time to focus on his passion for Urban and Architectural photography with a bit of a twist while also building a service based business to help local businesses get the most out of the social media platforms they are using. He believes that businesses are just at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to unleashing the true power of social media and through brand management, proper use of the platforms and being able to answer the question, “But why your brand instead of brand X” with a compelling story will move businesses toward the success they desire.
Here’s how you can get in touch with Jonathan:
Jonathan R. Howard

JRH Graphics
Instagram: jrh_graphics
Twitter: jrh_graphics